A Simple A-z On Practical Secrets Of Bathing Suits

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Police in Wyoming, Minnesota, tweeted on Sunday that drink drivers would be forced to watch Bieber's Super Bowl advert "the entire way to jail". The pop star is seen performing celebratory end zone dances in a tuxedo during the mobile phone commercial. Fortunately, no drink driving arrests were made on Sunday night. Bieber's advert aired during the Super Bowl, in which he is heard saying: "This guy's got the shimmedy sham-sham shimmedy shake right there". Image copyright Twitter Twitter users lauded the police for the tongue-in-cheek tweet, which was retweeted nearly 10,000 times. Wyoming Police Chief Paul Hoppe told the Pioneer Press that the tweet helped push the public service announcement about responsible drinking during the Super Bowl. "It gets people to actually stop and read the message," Mr Hoppe said. After the New England Patriots won the game in a historic 34-28 comeback, the Wyoming police changed their message, poking fun at the way many Americans love to hate the Patriots. Image copyright Twitter The alternative punishment is not the first time police have turned to Canadian artists to help deter drink driving. Last November, a Canadian police force threatened to force festive drink-drivers to listen to Nickelback, a local ชุดว่ายน้ําน่ารัก band often derided as the world's worst band.

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