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An MRI exam revealed a torn right hip labrum, which required surgery and stunned his coaches, who had never heard any complaints from Culmer in the previous six months. The day after the surgery, Culmer began rehab focused on strengthening the muscles around his hip. While his teammates were beginning their fall training programs, Culmer continued his rehab focused on strength and endurance instead of speed. He didnt begin training for jumps until December, and training was interrupted during Christmas break when he returned home to the Bahamas. Hes had about a fourth of the training weeks the other people have had, said coach Gary Pepin, who also works directly with the Huskers horizontal jumpers. I think theres not any reason at all, if he stays healthy, that he cant continue to get better and better. Culmer describes jumping as being in the blood. His sister Kenya set the Bahamian record in the high jump at Southern Illinois, and his cousin Warren Fraser was a standout sprinter at Clemson. Like many young athletes in the Caribbean, Culmer started as a sprinter, but soon found himself falling to the back of the pack in races. His lifeline appeared when a coach offered him a tryout in the triple jump, and he sailed past the field. It was just natural, he said. I dont know what I would be doing up to this day if I hadnt jumped. I tell people up to this day that I dont like running because I dont like seeing the back of peoples shoes. While Culmer may not be as fast as other horizontal jumpers, Pepin said his strength and technical ability help make up for it, along with a fierce competitiveness that belies an infectious smile.

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21. According to the Mesa County Sheriffs Office, a man entered the RV Ranch at 3238 I-70 Business Loop and ripped the coin machine off the wall after unsuccessfully attempting to remove it with tools. Video surveillance of the laundry room at the business revealed a man walked into the laundry room shortly after 6:30 a.m. He was wearing black Adidas shoes, gray pants, a black hoodie and a Steelers baseball cap. The man ripped the change machine off the wall within minutes and left the premises. The change machine was valued at $750 and the victims estimated they had roughly $200 currency in the machine when it was stolen. According to the Mesa County Sheriffs Office: Daniel Valenzuela, 27, was arrested on suspicion of รองเท้า creepers แฟชั่น violating a protection order on Jan. 27, after deputies responded to the 600 block of Susan Street for a report of a verbal argument. Tomas Castro, 22, was arrested on several outstanding warrants after deputies contacted him in the 400 block of Aspen Grove Drive on Jan.

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