Some Answers On Straightforward Night Cream Tactics

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Bills adding up to 12,000 euros were not paid, and police are investigating whether the cases are linked. The arrested man, reported by media to be Romanian, could face fraud charges as well as a claim for damages. In the first case , the group, purporting to be celebrating a baptism, paid a deposit of 900 ($950; 770) to eat at the El Carmen restaurant in Bembibre, in the north-western Castile and Leon region. They consumed 2,000 of food and drink before running away, it was reported last week. It then emerged ถนอม ผิว หน้า that El Rincon de Pepin, a restaurant 10km (six miles) away in Ponferrada, fell victim to a similar trick in mid-February. Restaurant owner Laura Arias said the group told her they were celebrating a wedding and ordered a fairly basic menu. They paid 1,000 as a deposit, but consumed 10,000 of food and drink. "There were 160 of them and they all disappeared. Suddenly.

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