Some Basic Questions For Primary Factors In Wedding Gowns

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Its my understanding, from friends that are getting or have gotten married, that wedding dresses cost, with no exaggeration, one million dollars and some change. But in the year 2017, when weve figured out how to add smart capabilities to a bag of Tostitos , how is that still the case? Why are wedding dresses that cost more than a grand the norm when all these cool brands are charging way less? As of last week, another label has joined the cute-and-relatively-cheap wedding dress list: Fame & Partners , a made-to-order womens clothing brand that just launched bridal on its website. The styles range from classic and straightforward to kinda funky (theres a jumpsuit!) and are all offered in sizes 0 through 22. The best part is that almost the entire collection costs less than $1,000, with prices starting at just $299. For the one-stop-shop bride, there are bridesmaid dresses, too . Here are some particularly cute picks: View photos

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