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Total sales for the 13 weeks to 7 January rose by 0.6%, boosted by a 5.5% rise in online sales. The company said online sales now account for about 40% of all UK sales. Sales at stores open for more than a year increased by 1%. Mark Newton-Jones, chief executive, said the company had focused on improving its product range and selling goods at full price. It also better managed its stock levels, so that it entered the end-of-season sale with less stock than the previous year. B&M Discounter B&M celebrate a bumper Christmas trading period as cautious shoppers looked to save money. Sales rose 7.2% at the groups UK established stores in the 13 weeks to Christmas Eve, with 1.1% of that lift coming from an extra day of trading. Sales of gifts, decorations and confectionery performed particularly well according to the company, chaired by former Tesco chief executive Terry Leahy. AO World Online electricals retailer AO World achieved decent sales growth over Christmas, but struck a cautious note about the months ahead, citing the uncertain UK economic outlook, currency impacts on supplier pricing and the possible effect on consumer demand. Total revenues in the three months to 31 December were up 12.3% year on year.

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At least it would for the beginning of Mr Obama's presidency. Levers of power But after the first two years of his administration the politics of job creation, like everything else, changed. The Republican Party's capture of the House of Representatives in November 2010 deprived the president of most of his influence on the writing of new laws. He lost his grasp of one of the main levers of economic control and never regained it. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives in November 2010 That means that so much of the long period of job growth, from 2011 to the present, has unfolded with little input from the White House. Of course the president always has large powers, whoever controls Congress, but they tend to be in the administration of business regulations and in trade relations. Attributing the creation of jobs to those functions of government is even more speculative than attributing them to new laws. Gridlock Still, if presidents cannot write laws, their veto power means laws can hardly ever be passed without them. It is a feature of the notorious political

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"gridlock" that has characterised much of the Obama era. The president and the Republican Congress have been in a perpetual stand-off over so many issues at the heart of the economy.

Such systems are banned. Volkswagen has been fined billions for installing them on its cars in the United States. However, the rules do allow very similar software programs to be used to protect the engine from damage, for example when it is warming up. They are capable of turning off emissions controls, but are referred to as "auxiliary emissions control devices". The problem is it can be very hard to tell the difference - which is why carmakers are supposed to keep regulators informed of what systems they are using. This is a very grey area. Volkswagen engineers took a conscious decision to install devices on its cars because they could not get through tough US emissions tests any other way. But other companies have been accused of exploiting loopholes to boost the performance of their cars - at the expense of their environmental performance. That is why Fiat Chrysler has been asked by the US authorities to demonstrate why its software does not constitute a defeat device - and why investigating judges in France will be asked to decide whether Renault has a case to answer. Image copyright AFP On Wednesday, Volkswagen pleaded guilty to three criminal charges to settle US charges over its emissions-rigging scandal that affected almost 600,000 diesel vehicles. It will also pay fines of $4.3bn (3.5bn).

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